Residential & Commercial Utility Services

Residential Utility Services

We are happy you have chosen Melissa for your home and/or business and we are looking forward to meeting you and serving you! Requests to establish new utility services, transfer services, or discontinue/cancel utility services must be submitted in writing. For questions regarding establishing new service, transferring, or canceling Utility services, please fill out one of the following applications:

**Please note that this process will not be complete until your security deposit has been paid and all documentation has been received by the Utility Billing Office. Same day service can only be accommodated if all documentation and payment are received by the Melissa Utility Billing Office by 2:00 p.m. Monday-Thursday or by 10:00 a.m. on Fridays otherwise service will be connected the next business day.**

ATTENTION NEW HOMEOWNERS – The joyful excitement of moving into a new home can sometimes be so overwhelming that we may overlook some important tasks. As you fill out your change of address cards and apply for utility service, remember to check the controller for your irrigation system. Builders and realtors will often set it to run excessively. Check your settings to be sure you are only watering your new lawn as needed. Twice a week is generally sufficient to maintain a healthy lawn. Refer to our irrigation/conservation page for more information.   

New Commercial Utility Services

Deposit is due upon application and is dependent on the size of the meter. For more information, please see the Utility Billing Rates and Fees.

Commercial Trash Service is provided through CWD. Contact CWD for information on Commercial-Sized Dumpsters. 

CWD - Phone: 972-392-9300/Option 2

Construction Hydrant Meters

Please complete the application and pay the required deposit to the City of Melissa. Deposit may be paid via cash, check, money order, or credit card. Payment may be made in-person or over the phone at 972-838-2035.

Construction Hydrant Meter Deposits are $2,000.