Court Dates & Times

Court times are either 9am or 2 pm and held on Mondays unless otherwise stated. Please see the table on this page for specific dates. Dates are subject to change.

2020/2021 Court Dates

October, 2020
Monday the 5th and 19th
2:00 pm
November, 2020
Monday the 2nd and 16th
2:00 pm
December, 2020
Wednesday the 2nd
Monday the 14th
2:00 pm

January, 2021Monday the 4th and 18th2:00 pm
February, 2021Monday the 8th and 22nd2:00 pm
March, 2021Monday the 8th and 22nd2:00 pm
April, 2021Monday the 5th and 19th2:00 pm
May, 2021Monday the 3rd and 17th2:00 pm
June, 2021Monday the 7th and 21st2:00 pm
July, 2021Monday the 12th and 26th2:00 pm
August, 2021Monday the 9th and 23rd2:00 pm
September, 2021Wednesday the 8th
Monday the 20th
2:00 pm
9:00 am
October, 2021Monday the 4th and 18th9:00 am
November, 2021Monday the 1st and 15th9:00 am
December, 2021Wednesday the 1st
Monday the 13th
9:00 am
9:00 am