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How do I request to use the City Hall Community Room?

The City of Melissa designated the City Hall Community Room as a meeting space for educational, cultural, and philanthropic activities supporting the Melissa Community. Under the guidelines established in policy, community organizations may request the use of the Community Room for meetings. To inquire regarding the availability of the Community Room, please complete the inquiry form. Please allow 48 hours for staff to respond to your inquiry. No requested reservations should be considered approved until a confirmation is provided by City Staff.


Applicants must pay the associated deposit and/or security fee (if applicable) by check payable to the City of Melissa, in order to secure a reservation of the room. Applications may be submitted as follows:

  • Attached to the inquiry form mentioned above or if you prefer, you may email your application following confirmation of availability.
  • In-person at Melissa City Hall, Administration Suite on the 2nd Floor

Learn more about the Application Process and Guidelines for use of the City Hall Community Room.

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