Looking to Volunteer?

Melissa Public Library will take volunteers for:

  • Any kind soul that just wants to help the community by service to the library
  • Any religious affiliated groups
  • Court mandated (non-felony) community service
  • National Honors Society
  • National Junior Honors Society

Melissa Public Library will provide recommendation letters on the conditions of the completion of 25 hours in the last 6 months and if the Director or Assistant Director is told about the recommendation letter in advance.

Volunteering Times

A volunteer is allowed to work in 2-hour blocks unless otherwise discussed and decided with the Director.

Volunteers must set up a time via email with the Director for orientation. This orientation does not guarantee that all service hours will be accomplished at the library. Please send us an email for setting up an orientation or for more information.


Volunteer jobs may include:

  • Cleaning toys in the children's area
  • Counting people at events
  • Preparing crafts for our storytimes
  • Set up and take down for events
  • Shelving books, movies, audiobooks
  • Taking photos at events, and more

If you would like to work on any of these jobs in particular, please let the Director know and ask to whom you should speak with about making it a regular part of your service hours.