Public Hearing Process

In an effort to streamline the process of Public Hearings, the City Council has adopted a Public Hearings Process that outlines the amount of time to be allowed for both the applicant and the public wishing to provide comment on the matter.

This protocol outlined on this page provides clear guidelines to better manage the process allowing everyone an opportunity to be heard and at the same time facilitating Council's ability to reach a decision on the matter brought before them.


Upon the Public Hearing item on the agenda the process will be as follows:

  1. Staff Introduction of the item
  2. Applicant overview (not to exceed 15 minutes; upon approval of the City Council, the applicant may extend the overview)
  3. Open Public Hearing
  4. Close Public Hearing
    1. Public comments (not to exceed 3 minutes each)
    2. Applicant closes (not to exceed 3 minutes)

Submittal of Request to Be Heard

  • Any person wishing to speak at a Public Hearing scheduled on the agenda shall complete a Request to Speak Card (PDF) prior to the opening of the Public Hearing, and present it to the City Secretary
  • Upon being recognized by the Mayor, the person may speak or present evidence relevant to the matter being heard. No person may speak without first being recognized by the Mayor
  • All persons wishing to speak on the matter shall be limited to three minutes each
  • Upon the opening of the Public Hearing, any individual submitting a comment card will not be allowed to speak; however, the completed card will be retained in the official public record of the meeting
  • The Request to Speak cards will also be available in the Council Chambers foyer prior to the meeting

Germane Comments

During the Public Hearing, no person will be permitted to speak about matters or present evidence which is not germane to the matter being considered. A determination of relevance shall be made by the Mayor but may be appealed to the full City Council.

Materials for Public Record

All persons interested in the matter being heard by the City Council shall be entitled to submit written evidence or remarks, as well as other graphic evidence. All such evidence presented will be retained by the City as part of the record of the hearing, in accordance with the requirements of state law.