City Manager

Under the City Charter, the City Council appoints a City Manager who serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible to the City Council for administration of all the affairs of the City, with only those exceptions that are named in the City Charter. 

The City Manager is Jason Little, International City Management Association-Council Manager (ICMA-CM )


  • The City Manager directs and supervises the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the City through the appointment of qualified professional staff who serve on the City Management Team
  • The City Manager makes recommendations to the council concerning programs and policies and developing methods to ensure the effective and efficient operation of city services
  • With the assistance of the Management Team, the City Manager prepares and administers an annual budget and capital program as adopted by the City Council
  • The City Manager sees that all state laws and City ordinances are effectively enforced and coordinates and administers the implementation of policies, procedures and ordinances that will provide for the sustainable, managed growth of the city.

City Management Team

A professional staff is appointed by the city manager to help manage the organization:

  • Tyler Brewer, Executive Director of Development 
  • Jeff Cartwright, Public Works Director
  • Gail Dansby, Finance Director
  • Ron Duzenack, Parks Director
  • Hope Cory, City Secretary
  • Mitzi McCabe, Human Resources Manager
  • Jennifer Nehls, Library Director
  • Carl Nix, Fire Chief
  • Erik Stokes, Police Chief
  • Chris Thatcher, Customer Relations Director
  • Bridget Saxton, Communications Manager