Golf Cart Registration

The City Council passed Ordinance 12-19 in 2012 authorizing the use of golf carts on public streets in the City of Melissa and residents that are interested in utilizing golf carts in the City limits must register with the Melissa Police Department. Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the requirements/limitations under this ordinance prior to registering.

To register contact the Police Department at 972-838-2033 to schedule an appointment to bring your golf cart to City Hall for the inspection and registration process.

Trailering the Golf Cart

Please note that residents that live in neighborhoods that would require driving on highways and/or roadways which require speeds in excess of 35 miles per hour, must trailer the golf cart to City Hall in order to be in compliance with the law. You may also schedule with the Police Department to setup a time for an officer to come out to your residence to complete the registration process.

As with all other motor vehicles under the transportation code, those interested in obtaining a permit must show proof of vehicle insurance at the time of registration.


The cost for the required permit is $20 and at this time only cash, check or money order made payable to the City of Melissa will be accepted. Permits/Stickers are valid for a period of two years.

Additional Information

  • Equipment must meet Texas and Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards as they exist or may be amended
  • The golf cart must have the following equipment which must continuously remain in good working and operational order:
    • Parking brake
    • Rearview mirror(s), capable of a clear, unobstructed view of at least 200 feet to the rear
    • Side reflectors (two front, amber in color and two rear red in color)
    • Slow-moving vehicle emblem
    • Two headlamps
    • Two tail lamps
  • The maximum speed limit on the public street is 35 miles per hour or less
  • The person complies with all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances
  • The person holds a valid driver's license
  • The person maintains current financial responsibility for the golf cart as required of other passenger vehicles in Section 601.051 of the Texas Transportation Code
  • While the golf cart is in motion, the driver and every passenger must be seated in a seat designed to hold passengers. No person may stand or ride in the lap of the driver/and or another passenger while the golf cart is moving

Under this ordinance golf carts cannot be operated on any sidewalk, pedestrian walkway, jogging path, park trail or any location normally used for pedestrian traffic. Additionally, this ordinance does not authorize nor permit the use of all-terrain or off-road vehicles.