Traffic Route Update: West Melissa Road Closure

Due to damage to the foundation of the concrete bridge as a result of erosion caused by recent flooding, West Melissa Road is closed to traffic west of CR 277 (Telephone Road) to Trinity Falls Pkwy indefinitely until new construction in Trinity Falls is complete.  City of Melissa Public Works staff and Trinity Falls construction management have coordinated to place barricades and signage at two locations:
  • West of CR 277 (Telephone Road) @ West Melissa Road
  • East of Trinity Falls Pkwy @ West Melissa Road 
West Melissa Road Closure Update_Jan 2019
Again, this portion of West Melissa Road will not reopen until construction has been completed in Trinity Falls, but CR 277 (Telephone Road) is open to traffic both North & South.   Please be reminded that under the Texas Transportation Code (TRANSP section 472.022), it is a misdemeanor to disobey warnings and drive around a barricade, with each violation a separate offense punishable by fine. 

We recognize that this closure impacts the commute for some of our residents and apologize for the inconvenience, however the City's first priority is safety.  Any questions please contact Jeff Cartwright, Director of Public Works at