Melissa Road Median Upgrades; Expect Temporary Lane Closures

Beginning Tuesday January 29,  several medians on Melissa Road will be undergoing median upgrades.  The medians that will be impacted are at Melissa Road at US 75 and the two medians east and west at Melissa Road and Fannin.  The project will be a month or longer and the median at Melissa Road and US 75 will be the first median to be upgraded.  

Since the project will require concrete pours and work to be done, please expect temporary intermittent lane closures around the medians as work is performed.  Note the medians east of Fannin to SH 5 will not be impacted and these lanes will not be affected.

Aerial Map of Melissa Road Medians to be Upgraded
Melissa Road Median Upgrade Project Aerial View_Jan 2019

What is being done:
The upgrades will include the demo of metal edging and removal of old drip irrigation and vegetation.  Following the demolition, new concrete mow curbs and drip irrigation will be installed.  New plants will then be planted and will match the plants that will be used in the US 75/SH 121 Green Ribbon project underway.  These plants are considered water efficient and include: Rosemary, Red Yucca, Salvia Greggii, Gregg's Mist Flower, and Wintercreeper.  The City of Melissa is committed to doing its part to help promote conservation and sustainability, and this can also be seen in the arrangement of flowers  intended to attract pollinators along their migration route. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ron Duzenack, Parks Superintendent.