Solid waste contract includes bulk pickup

Among the changes Melissa residents can expect once the solid waste contract with Community Waste Disposal (CWD) takes effect on Oct. 5 is the regular, monthly curbside collection of bulk waste items.

While the City moves from once-a-week collection to a collection schedule that spans the entire week, most residents will be placing their trash and recycling carts curbside on a day other than Wednesday. That specific day for each neighborhood will be shared as soon as CWD planners complete their collection maps.

Once assigned, the day of the week for each household will also determine the day of the week for bulk trash collection, although bulk waste will only be collected once a month. For example, the Monday route will be assigned one of the four Mondays of the month for bulk waste.

That regular monthly schedule thus removes the need to call the collection service to get on a schedule. Bulk trash day will mean that trucks will collect the regular trash and recycling, as well as any bulk waste left on the curb, so long as it meets the weight and size requirements. 

When placing bulk waste out for collection on the appropriate day, which should be placed no later than 7 a.m., residents should ensure that it is no larger than four cubic yards. As an illustration of what that displaces, a regular washing machine measures about one cubic yard.

Acceptable bulk waste includes toys and yard tools tagged as “bulk waste.” The designation in clear, visible letters avoids any mistaken collection of these items, occasionally left in the yard but not intended as waste.

Furniture, carpet which is bundled in four-foot lengths, wooden fence panels not larger than four-feet by six-feet, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, and kitchen appliances are also acceptable. When placing refrigerators or freezers on the curb, these must carry a certification that the refrigerant has been completely removed.

Bulk pickup will also include yard waste such as brush and branches. All brush must be tied and bundled. Bundled brush cannot exceed four-feet by two-feet nor weigh more than 50 pounds per bundle. 

Not acceptable are debris from commercial construction and remodeling projects, household hazardous waste (HHW), tires, batteries, propane tanks, and loose debris. Loose debris can become eligible if it is placed in a box or other disposable container no larger than two-feet by two-feet by four-feet and not weigh more than 50 pounds.

HHW such as chemicals, paints, solvents, fertilizer, and other toxic items will be handled separately. A once-a-month Citywide collection schedule will be implemented that will require residents to contact CWD for service. Large electronic waste is also part of the monthly HHW pickup.