City awards new solid waste contract

In addition to the construction of a new two-million gallon water tower, major upgrades to key thoroughfares, a significant expansion in retail commerce, and the steady and unrelenting increase in residential construction, the City of Melissa’s growth has now resulted in a conversion away from the Citywide once-a-week solid waste collection to a sectionalized five-day-a-week schedule.

The City Council has awarded a new solid waste contract to Community Waste Disposal, popularly known as CWD, ushering in several noticeable changes for Melissa residents and businesses. The new CWD contract, awarded at a special City Council meeting on July 21, includes changes to bulk and brush collection as well as to the collection of HHW or hazardous household waste. Details are being finalized prior to the execution and signing of the contract.  

The effective date of the new contract with CWD is Oct. 1, 2020. The City of Melissa becomes one of 30 communities in the North Texas area served by CWD’s 330 employees and close to 170 collection vehicles. While CWD collection trucks will be in Melissa each day of the week, individual residences will only be serviced on one specific day.

A detailed map of the collection day for each section of the City will be shared widely over the next several weeks, but most residences will see a change from their current Wednesday pickup.

Melissa residents are served by the City of Melissa, pay their solid waste fee to the City, and interact directly with the Utility Billing Department on solid waste issues. Once the new contract is in place, homeowners will be able to contact CWD’s customer service department directly for matters like missed pickups or other related topics. CWD provides a mobile app that serves as a communication link for effective two-way communication.    

“We accepted proposals for a new solid waste contract in anticipation of the expiration of the previous contract,” says City Manager Jason Little. “During the proposal phase, our goal was to secure a contract that provided the highest level of service to our residents. Five proposals were received, potential providers were interviewed, and we finally settled on what we feel is a favorable contract.”

The new contract has a life-span of five years, with annual inflationary adjustments, and has provisions for lengthening at the discretion of the City. The contract also applies to commercial customers. CWD will meet with commercial customers individually before the start of the new service.

More information on the new service will be provided as the Oct. 1 transition approaches.