TXDOT TRAFFIC UPDATE: State Highway 121 Traffic Shift Planned Tuesday

TXDOT’s contractor, Lone Star Civil Construction, will be performing a traffic shift on the Northbound (NB) main lanes of SH 121, on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 weather dependent.  They will start around 10:00 a.m. and it will last through the day. 

The following instructions and Traffic Pattern Map have been provided to the City by TxDOT.  Any questions should be directed to Michael Hudek at Michael.Hudek@txdot.gov.

Traffic Shift SH 121 - Tuesday, April 16:
NB SH 121 will enter the new concrete paving west of Racetrac and will continue north on the new paving.  The far right NB 121 lane will become a right turn lane for SB SH 5, with the middle and left lanes continuing north on the new pavement through SH 5/Fannin Rd.  Traffic wanting to stay on NB SH121 will need to stay in the right lane after passing SH 5/Fannin Road.  Traffic wanting to go to NB SH5 will need to be in the left lane.  Drivers wanting to go north on SH 5 will then exit/cross over a temporary detour adjacent to the SH121 storage business and onto the old existing NB SH5 overpass just as they presently do now.  North of SH 5, NB SH 121 will remain on the new NB concrete pavement through the rest of the job limits in the outside lane.  The inside lane will be closed so the contractor can access pieces of paving that had to be left out in the previous phases near the intersections.  

It is extremely important that drivers approaching SH 121 from the south pay close attention and stop prior to the new NB SH 121 pavement since the NB SH 121 through traffic will now be on the new pavement where there was previously no traffic coming through.  The signal contractor will have personnel at the signals along with police officers during the switch to move traffic signal heads and assist in the safety of the intersection.  All of the intersections will be on flashing red with stop signs until the signals are relocated and the cameras and radars are adjusted for the detection. TXDOT will be setting up message boards on Northbound and Southbound SH121 to remind traffic of the upcoming traffic switch.

Traffic Shift SH 5 - April 17:
There will be a traffic shift on SB SH 5, south of Dollar General, weather dependent.  Traffic will be shifted east on the existing pavement so that the contractor can begin construction on the new Southbound (SB) SH 5 concrete paving for Phase 3.  Construction in this area will run from south of the Dollar General to south of Racetrac. 

During these switches, drivers should expect delays and plan accordingly.  As always, we ask that drivers please slow down and pay close attention to all message boards and signs that are posted.