Annual Water System Maintenance Now Underway: March 4 through April 1

Temporary Change in Water Disinfectant Critical for Safe Drinking Water Year Round
North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) the water supplier for the City and most of the region, will temporarily change the disinfectant in its water treatment process from March 4 through April 1, 2019. The annual, routine change is necessary to maintain the regional system and year round water quality. During the temporary change, NTMWD suspends adding ammonia and uses only free chlorine to keep water disinfected as it travels through pipes. While chlorine levels are consistent with the rest of the year, the temporary suspension of ammonia can make the smell or taste more noticeable, however the water remains safe to drink and use

Please visit our Annual Chlorine Maintenance Webpage for additional information about this process including additional links to helpful resources provided by NTMWD and State and Federal regulatory agencies.  Additionally you may visit to access this information directly.  Any questions about this temporary change in disinfectant process should be directed to NTMWD staff at or 972-442-5405.