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Spray Fountain/Water Feature Surface Treatment Complete and Now Open for Use

The contractor has completed the etching of the red concrete surrounding the base of the spray fountain and there is now greater traction to help prevent slips. However as with any wet surface, please continue to exercise caution and ensure your child wears appropriate footwear when using the fountain and practice basic safety as you would at any other swimming pool facility etc.

Additionally we have had some questions about treatment of the water for the fountain - the fountain has a disinfection system just like a public swimming pool using tri-chloro tabs and the City is responsible for maintaining and monitoring the chlorine residual levels. Our Public Works staff has been actively monitoring these residuals three times a day and adjusting the chlorine levels as needed therefore we can assure you the water is safe for use.

We again apologize for any previous miscommunication but at this time this feature is open for public use.

Learn more about this new space and the vision for the Town Center area around City Hall.

IMG_3582_Family Spray Fountain_6.25.26If you and your family enjoy the use of the new spray fountain and are willing to share photos of your children playing with us, please email those photos to emynatt@cityofmelissa.com as we are looking for photos to add to our album (like the ones posted here) and also possibly use for our website and other publications. Thank you in advance!

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