Vision, Mission & Principles

Leveraging our community spirit, our passion for service and our beauty to grow a unique community that welcomes your future with us.

Invite, encourage and grow collaborative participation in the development of Melissa by:
  • promoting community involvement
  • expanding infrastructure
  • attracting quality commercial and residential development, and
  • delivering open space options, with a focus on beautification, while keeping Melissa safe for all.
  • connecting with our community
  • passion for our schools
  • service for others
  • quality development
  • investing in our family
Strategic Plan Goals
  • Focus on beautification efforts to enhance drive through appeal in order to increase property values and sustain community pride.
  • Focus on creating opportunities for citizen participation and citizen connections.
  • Invest in communication efforts in order to build a sense of community, to get information to all citizens, and to create channels of feedback.
  • Commit to marketing Melissa in order to communicate who we are, where we are and what we offer.
  • Foster an environment that reflects our small town character while supporting a strong, diverse, and growing economy.
  • Proactively safeguard our community as our family.