Melissa Recycles

Both the City of Melissa and Waste Connections (formerly Progressive Waste Solutions) encourage you to recycle by placing paper, cardboard, #1-5 & #7 plastics, glass, aluminum and tin in your blue recycle bin.  Steel products are not accepted for recycling in your blue recycling bin that is picked up every Wednesday (NO PLATE GLASS!!).  

Acceptable Recycle Items: 

  •  Aluminum cans
  •  Chipboard (cereal boxes, soda boxes, etc.)
  •  Glass bottles or jars
  •  Newspaper
  •  Magazines
  •  Phone books
  •  Plastics #1 - #5 and #7 (milk jugs, juice jugs, laundry detergent jugs etc.)
  •  Junk mail advertisements
For more on what is and what is not recyclable, be sure to check out the brochure from Waste Connections.