Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Program

AMI Installation and Meter Replacement Project
The City in partnership with FATHOM implemented the existing Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system in 2015-16.  As part of the AMI implementation, FATHOM oversaw the replacement of aging water meters with newer meters utilizing AMI technology.  Any meter over three years old was replaced during this process and those less than three years old were retrofitted with the required meter registers to work with the new AMI technology. All in all FATHOM through their sub-contractor HydroPro exchanged and/or retrofitted over 2,700 meters between mid-October 2015 and late January 2016 with the accompanying AMI equipment fully in place by mid-February, 2016. 

AMI Data ExamplePower of Data
AMI technology provides automatic, accurate and consistent water meter reads without the need for manual meter reads and manual data entry.  AMI was implemented in order to improve water conservation and provide the data required to better manage water usage throughout the City.  The City took this a step further by partnering with FATHOM who uses the meters and AMI system to provide timely and accurate meter reads that are automatically logged into billing software.  Additionally through their Meter Data Management (MDM) FATHOM provides the City with advanced, ongoing data analysis which drives even more accurate and convenient billing and bill payment.  Finally and most importantly, FATHOM allows the City to provide a platform through which residents can accurately track their water usage. 

As water conservation continues to be a critical issue in Texas, we hope giving our residents a way to track their hourly or daily usage helps all to recognize the value of this resource. Water is a limited resource and careless consumption can impact the city’s sustainable future and ultimately the residents pocketbooks.  The goal is that by putting this data into the hands of our water customers, we are helping to make them true consumers of water.

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