Water and Wastewater Rates FAQ

Water Rate FaucetThe City of Melissa receives a number of questions regarding the water and wastewater rates. This FAQ is provided to address the most common questions grouped into three main areas that we commonly receive.  We hope that this will help address some of the questions and concerns many of you have expressed regarding the City of Melissa utility rates. 

Additionally we have provided a link to a FAQ from our water provider, North Texas Municipal Water District's (NTMWD) that addresses their wholesale rates which impact how the City sets its rates: NTMWD Water Rates FAQ

Click here for the Current Schedule of Utility Rates and Fees (2018-19)

Should you have further questions, please email ub@cityofmelissa.com.

How are the City's Water and Wastewater Rates Determined?

Why Have Water and Wastewater Rates Continued to Increase in the Region?

Why Does My Water and Sewer Cost More than in Other Cities?

What has the City Done to Minimize Rate Increases?