Code Compliance
  • Read more about the Code Compliance Initiative and how to report a code violation.
Development Services
  • Learn about Development Services and its role in the city's day-to-day activities in regards to planning, zoning, and permitting services.
Economic Development
  • Contact the Melissa Industrial and Economic Development Corporation to learn more about development opportunities in Melissa.
  • Learn about the Financial Services, the budget and other financial transparency information.
Fire Department
  • Access the Fire Department webpages, where you can learn more about fire operations and programs.
Human Resources
  • Employment information and available jobs at the City of Melissa.
  • Find out about services, activities, programs and great reading available at YOUR Melissa Public Library.
Municipal Court
  • Learn more about Melissa Municipal Court processes and procedures, pay traffic fines and citations.
Parks & Recreation
  • Find out about Parks and Recreation facilities and how to reserve for your own use.
Police Department
  • Access the Police Department webpages, where you can learn more about police operations and programs.
Public Works
  • Read about how Public Works maintains city streets, water and wastewater systems, view water quality reports and submit street repairs. 
Utility Billing
  • Pay your city utility bill online, request new service and access other utility information.