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Accessory Building FAQ’s

The information provided is not intended to be an all-inclusive.  Refer to the City of Melissa Comprehensive Code of Ordinances available here for additional requirements and regulations.

What is an accessory building?
An accessory structure or building is any structure either attached or detached from the main dwelling, the use of which is incidental to that of the main structure and located on the same lot. Accessory structures/buildings include but are not limited to patio covers, arbors, gazebos, cabanas, outdoor kitchens and/or recreational fire enclosures, trellis and structures/sheds or the like.

Where can I build an accessory building?

  • All attached accessory structures/buildings and building additions must maintain the setback requirements of the main building.
  • Detached accessory buildings shall be located in the area defined as the rear yard.
  • Detached accessory structures/buildings shall have a side yard of not less than five (5) feet.
  • When adjacent to a side street, the side yard shall not be less than ten (10) feet.

Is there a minimum separation requirement between the main structure and an accessory building?
Yes, detached structures are required to have a minimum separation requirement of fifteen (15) feet from the main building.

What is the minimum side and rear yard setback requirement for detached accessory buildings?
In addition to the fifteen (15) separation requirement from the main building, detached accessory structures/buildings located in the rear portion of a lot shall not be located closer than fifteen (15) feet to the main building nor any nearer than five (5) feet to any side or rear lot line.

Can an accessory building be constructed in a utility easement?
No, an accessory building may not be built within a utility easement.

Can a concrete patio/flatwork extend into the rear yard setback requirement?
Yes, construction that does not exceed thirty (30) inches above the average elevation of the graded rear yard is allowed to extend into the rear yard requirement.

Is accessory building construction required to comply with the City’s Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance if the HOA/POA approved the construction?
Yes, construction must comply with all applicable City ordinance and regulations. In all cases, the more restrictive requirement will prevail. In addition, no ordinance or regulation adopted by the City shall lessen the requirement set forth by the HOA/POA.

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