Code Compliance Initiative

In an effort to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of all of the citizens of Melissa as well as promote and improve upon the overall beauty of the City, the Melissa Code Compliance Department is introducing a Code Compliance Initiative in 2017. Starting in March 2017, the Initiative focuses on a different code violation each month. At the end of each month(s) indicated on the rollout calendar, Melissa Code Compliance will begin opening code cases on those properties not in compliance with the nuisance listed for that month(s).*

The goal of the Melissa Code Compliance Department is to achieve voluntary compliance. With that in mind, it is the goal of the department to keep this web page updated with specifics on violations, compliance education, and community resources that will help Melissa citizens remain in compliance with the Melissa Code of Ordinances.

Melissa Code Compliance thanks you for your dedication and effort to keeping Melissa a healthy, safe, and beautiful place to live, work, and play!

Community Resources:
Bulk Waste Pickup for Melissa Residents
Collin County Cleanup Day
NTMWD 121 Landfill

Violation Information:

Properties are to be kept clear of trash, garbage, and debris
High Grass and Weeds
Grass and weeds must be kept under 12 inches (12") in height at all times
Outside Storage
The following must be stored out of sight from the public view at all times: indoor furniture, household appliances, waste paper, scrap metal, rags, rubber tires, plastic, metal, ceramic or glass bottles, canisters, barrels or cans, combustible materials, discarded or unused flooring materials, dismantled or dissembled vehicle parts, or any accumulations of unsanitary or unsightly matter of whatever nature.
High Grass and Weeds
Grass and weeds must be kept under 12 inches (12") in height at all times
Proper Water Usage
- Outdoor irrigation is only allowed before 10 a.m. and after 6 p.m.
- Swimming pools must be maintained to avoid breeding of mosquitoes and other insects
Fence Maintenance
Fences must be maintained in a safe and presentable condition, including but not limited to the replacement of broken or defective boards
Trailers, Campers, Etc.
Trailers, campers, etc. that are not involved in actively loading/unloading cannot be parked on public streets. These same vehicles also cannnot be parked on grass and cannot occupy required outdoor residential parking spaces.
Junked Vehicles
Junked vehicles that are visible from a public space or public right-of-way are deemed to be a public nuisance. A vehicles is deemed to be "junked" if:
- It does not have attached to it an unexpired license plate or valid vehicle registration; or
- It is wrecked, dismantled, or partially dismantled, or discarded; or
- It remains inoperable (including one or more flat tires) on public property for 72 hours or remains inoperable on private property for 30 consecutive days
House Maintenance
All houses and structures should be maintained in good condition. This includes keeping wood painted, windows in good condition, etc.
*Please note that Melissa Code Compliance reserves the right to open and enforce code cases on properties with more egregious code violations as well as those that have generated complaints before the time period indicated on the rollout calendar