Water & Wastewater

The water/wastewater division maintains and repairs a complex water system of valves, fire hydrants, and customer water meters.  While regulating system pressure and water volume through calculated pump efficiencies, tower elevations, and electronic controls.  The water division maintains adequate pressure and volume with as little interruption in service as possible.  The water division meets or exceeds regulations set by TCEQ.  The City of Melissa water division maintains the highest water quality as possible. 

The water/wastewater division also maintains and repairs the cities wastewater lines and lifts stations through constant electronic metering and visual checks of the system.  The wastewater division strives to provide a wastewater collection service that is continuous, safe, and reliable.

Current Water Conservation Recommendations:
As of April 1, 2018, North Texas Municipal Water District's 2014 Water Conservation Plan's Standard Water Conservation Guidelines are in effect through October 31st. **Landscape watering allowed up to twice per week as needed**  Other restrictions remain in place - for more information visit the Water Conservation Measures Web Page.
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