Photography Contest

FOMPL 2019 Photo Contest
Adults: (18 and up)                                           Teens: (13-17)
                                                                            Children: (12 and younger)
$20 entry 
fee allows one photo in               $10 entry fee allows one 
each of the following categories:                 photo in each of the  
                     People                                            following categories: 
                      Scenic                                                              People
                     Animals                                                   Scenic or Nature    
                 Architecture                                                      Animals         

The 2018 Friends of the Melissa Public Library Annual Photo Contest winners were announced August 18 at the library’s end of the summer celebration.  
All the photos are currently on display at the Melissa Public Library, thanks to Taylormade Heat and Air, who provided the printing for this year's photos. The photos will be displayed until the end of August, so drop by and check out this year's winners!  
Photographers can begin picking up their photos and ribbons on September 3.  

Congratulations to all our winners listed below:

Best in Show

  • The overall best-in-show winners for the adult category were Hoyt Mann with his Scenic entry "Amber Waves" and Marietta Schell with her Animal entry "Opossum in Mom's Fig Tree." 
  • The teen best-in-show went to L. Tyner for her entry in the Other category called "Love on the Bridge." 
  • The child best-in-show award went to C. Kendrick for her animal photo "Party Kitty." These winners received gift cards from the Friends of the Melissa Public Library.  
Child People Category
  • HM - K. Galbreath "The Mask"
  • 3rd - J. Culp "Child of the Sea"
  • 2nd - K. Bickford "Bubblegum Selfie"
  • 1st - S. Helton "Me and a Model T"
Child Scenic or Animals
  • HM - S. Helton "Iris After a Spring Shower"
  • 3rd - K. Bickford "Yellow Daisies"
  • 2nd - G. Hauptrief "Sir Chubbs"
  • 1st - C. Kendrick "Party Kitty"
Child Other
  • HM - G. Hauptrief "Old Vroom"
  • 3rd - J. Culp "Nothing But Blue Skies"
  • 2nd - K. Bickford "Below Light Fixture"
  • 1st - S. Helton "Grand Canyon at Sunset"
Teen People
  • HM - M. Wilkie "I Miss My Kiki"
  • HM - L. Tyner "Going Places"
  • 3rd - Z. Pletl "All I Am"
  • 2nd - M. McCrady "Green Eyes"
  • 1st - S. Hall "Radiant"
Teen Scenic or Animals
  • 3rd - S. Hall "Bambi"
  • 2nd - L. Tyner "Big City"
  • 1st - M. Wilkie "That Was Tasty"
Teen Other
  • 3rd - M. McCrady "Lightsaber"
  • 2nd - M. Wilkie "I Don't Want to Get Up Yet"
  • 1st - L. Tyner "Love on the Bridge"
Adult People
  • HM - Linda Bickford "Man on Beach"
  • 3rd - Hoyt Mann "Snowflake Dreams"
  • 2nd - Christina Freeman "Catching Light"
  • 1st - Garrett Jackson "Nora Kate"
Adult Scenic/Nature
  • HM - Marietta Schell "Flower and Bee"
  • 3rd - Christina Freeman "Dandelion"
  • 2nd - Garrett Jackson "Sunflower"
  • 1st - Hoyt Mann "Amber Waves"
Adult Animal
  • HM - Norma Kidwell "Lukenbach Rooster Cone Calling"
  • 3rd - Hoyt Mann "Chasing Butterflies"
  • 2nd - Christina Freeman "Momma and Baby"
  • 1st - Marietta Schell "Opossum in Mom's Fig's Tree"
Adult Architecture
  • 3rd - Emily Kendrick "Morning Atop the Acropolis, Athens Greece
  • 2nd - Hoyt Mann "Gates of Yale"
  • 1st - Norma Kidwell "Photo from the Distant Past"
Adult Other
  • 3rd - Christina Freeman "Self-Portrait"
  • 2nd - Norma Kidwell "The Ghosts of LBJ and Ladybird on a Warm Spring Day"
  • 1st - Marietta Schell "God has me in his grip"
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