Summer Reading Program and Activities

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2019 Summer Reading Program

Every bit a child reads makes a difference in their reading skills for the summer and keeps them ready for returning to school.  We expected the 2019 Summer Reading Program at YOUR Melissa Public Library to be the best yet and it was!

  • 423 children signed up to participate; 96 reached their goal of 800 minutes!
  • 202,593 minutes (3,376.55 hours) were read in total
  • The highest readers read between 5,340 minutes and 13,120 minutes

Partners in Reading:
Ursula Lancaric, Harry McKillop Elementary 
Stacy Branam, North Creek Elementary
Cari Montgomery, MRI/MMS 

Contact Andrea Tyler or Jennifer Nehls for more information or stop by the library! 


2020 Summer Reading Program

Coming Soon with Fairy Tales!