Summer Reading Program and Activities

A Universe of Stories!

2019 Summer Reading Program

Every bit a child reads makes a difference in their reading skills for the summer and keeps them ready for returning to school. We expect the 2019 Summer Reading Program at YOUR Melissa Public Library to be the best yet!

Read our brochure to learn all about the fun programs. 

  • Minutes end August 12th
  • The goal is to read 800 minutes over the summer! Be sure to keep track on your logs! Print a new log here!
  • Summer Reading  Ceremony will be August 17th from 10am-1pm.  
  • Harry Potter is Out-of-this-World! Dress up as your favorite HP character and enjoy a day of crafts, games, food trucks, and real owls!  
  • Fun is free but food has a fee!
  • Enjoy the City of Melissa's Health and Safety Fair located in the court room!

Why Participate

Summer reading program encourages children to keep rea
ding during summer vacation and offers a variety of benefits such as: 

  • Motivates children to read.
  • Helps develop positive attitudes about reading, books and using the library.
  • Maintains reading skills over the summer vacation.
  • Provides access to experiences that further discovery.
  • Allows for cooperative play and learning.
  • Points children to careers and opportunities in the future. 

Partners in Reading:
Ursula Lancaric, Harry McKillop Elementary 
Stacy Branam, North Creek Elementary
Cari Montgomery, MRI/MMS 

Contact Andrea Tyler or Jennifer Nehls for more information or stop by the library! 

FOMPL 2019 Photo Contest
Adults: (18 and up)                                           Teens: (13-17)
                                                                            Children: (12 and younger)
$20 entry
fee allows one photo in               $10 entry fee allows one 
each of the following categories:                 photo in each of the  
                     People                                            following categories: 
                      Scenic                                                              People
                     Animals                                                   Scenic or Nature    
                 Architecture                                                      Animals         

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