Story Time

Please join us weekly on Fridays, 10:30 – 11:00 a.m. at the Melissa Public Library for reading and so much more! 
Childrens Story Time Share the Magic of Reading with a Child
Story time and Children’s’ Activities listed below are targeted to Lap babies to 1st grade homeschoolers unless otherwise noted.  Story Time Rules and Guidelines 

Story Time Themes 

January 2019:
  • January 11 – I’m sick! Joined by CommunityMed Urgent Care
  • January 18 - Getting along with my friends
  • January 25 - Animals who sleep– Hibernating animals that will soon wake up.

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Say Cheese!
Remember if you and your child participate in one of our events, be sure to check the City of Melissa Flickr Page to see all the fun photos! 
  • Anyone interested in a copy of a photo of their child, please contact and we will be glad to share with you!   
  • Also if you do not want your child's photo taken and posted online, please let our staff know so we can honor your wishes.