Drive Like Your Kids Live Here

Through raising awareness and safety and crime prevention education, the Crime Prevention Unit helps citizens take an active role in making Melissa a safe place to live, work and play.  The City of Melissa and Police Department are proud to introduce the Drive Like Your Kids Live Here safety initiative that is intended to help reduce the number of distracted drivers and speeding through neighborhoods through the placement of signs like the ones shown in the image. 

The Police Department is seeking to partner with our community on this safety initiative and will begin placing a few signs in each neighborhood in the near future.  
It is our goal to partner with each Melissa neighborhood and/or HOA in the future by offering bulk pricing to purchase additional signs through the Melissa Police Department at a discounted rate.  

We sincerely hope that these signs will have a personal impact and remind drivers to slow down and be more alert when traveling through our neighborhoods. The desired goal of this program is to help reduce common speeding and distracted driving currently taking place in our community and to promote an overall safer environment for our children. 

To learn more about this initiative, please contact the Melissa Police Department at (972) 838-2033 or email Officer Kenneth Stroder at