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What inspections are required?

All inspections are to be called in by the general contractor to the Bureau Veritas at 817-335-8111 only. The general contractor is also responsible for keeping the lot and/or building site as clean as possible during construction. This will be strictly enforced. Port-A-Pots required on all sites.


  1. Building: layout staking foundation; framing; drives; walks; final
  2. Plumbing: ground, top out and gas; final
  3. Electrical: temporary pole; rough-in; final
  4. Heating and AC: rough; final
  5. Miscellaneous: swimming pool; lawn sprinklers; flat work

Certificate of Occupancy (C.O.)

City of Melissa requirements that must be completed prior to Certificate of occupancy being issued per city code; these requirements are for all properties within the City limits of Melissa:

  1. All bathrooms and kitchen counter must have GFI plugs
  2. Smoke detectors are required in all bedrooms and all halls leading to bedrooms
  3. All driveways shall be of asphalt or concrete
  4. Comply with all other City codes. The C.O. will be issued upon completion of the final inspections; a green tag stating the property is okay for C.O. is required to be furnished to City Hall

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