What about parking?

Free parking is available in area lots and other nearby locations. Please see the parking map at https://www.cityofmelissa.com/473/Parking-Information for specific locations. Parking might be a challenge. Attendees who park on public streets must ensure that access to driveways, roads, or alleys is not blocked.

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1. What's the cost of the tickets?
2. When and where will the Melissa Road Tribute Fest take place?
3. When will Melissa Road be closed to vehicular traffic?
4. What about parking?
5. Is the City offering shuttle service?
6. Where can I park my golf cart?
7. Will there be food and drink available?
8. Will seating be provided?
9. Will there be a Kid Zone?
10. Is there a dress code?
11. Is the Festival a rain or shine event?
12. Are pets allowed?
13. What about a First Aid station?
14. Will ATMs be available?
15. Will restrooms be provided?
16. What other important information should I know?