I am concerned my meter reading is not accurate?

If you are concerned with the accuracy of your water meter reading:

  • You should review your water usage data in the Customer UtoYou Portal to see if there are any immediate irregularities.
  • You may also email the Utility Billing for assistance in looking at the AMI data or if you are not signed up for access to your data.
  • Utility Billing can also request the Public Works get a physical re-read of your meter to confirm that the reading is inline with what the AMI reads suggest.

Accuracy Test

After looking over the consumption data, if you are still concerned, you can conduct your own meter accuracy test using a simple industry accepted way to test its accuracy - the 10 gallon bucket test. To complete this test do the following:

  • First, make sure all of your water is turned off.
  • Next, write down your meter register reading and the number of gallons indicated by the sweep hand. This hand measures from 1 to 10 gallons.
  • Now, fill ten gallons of water into a measurable bucket - many will use two 5-gallon buckets to make it easier.
  • Finally, return to your meter…your sweep hand should have advanced proportionately to the number of gallons that you measured into the bucket. Note: the sweep hand should have advanced between 9.8 and 10.2 gallons for a ten gallon test…the American Water Works Association (AWWA) accuracy standard is any test between 98% to 102%.
  • Note what the new read is on the meter and how many gallons were shown to have been used by the sweep hand. Anything less than ten gallons, the difference is favoring you.
  • However in the unlikely event the sweep hand is ½ gallon or more than the ten gallons on the dial, please email Utility Billing or call 972-838-2035 and we will schedule an official test with public works.

The City of Houston has a video that explains how to verify the accuracy of your water meter and they cover how to do this test. If you are not comfortable completing the test above and are still concerned, you can schedule Public Works to come out and look at your meter and the associated equipment at any time. Utility Billing staff will be glad to assist with this request.

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