My bill seems higher than usual?

It may be higher and there are a number of factors to look at when you see an increase in the amount of your bill:

  • Evaluate past water bills and consumption - Compare your water utility bill with past bills, from the same month, to see if the consumption is larger than usual. Keep in mind to check the consumption, not the dollar amount of the bill, as water rates have increased from year to year.
  • Monitor your usage online in the U2You Customer Portal and/or by checking your water meter - We encourage customers to read their own meter and keep track of the reads at different times to see how much they are using following activities such as irrigating, laundry, or just to see daily use to help give a better idea of how much water households are really using.
    • You can share these reads with utility billing and public works staff so we can help gain a better understanding of your usage patterns and reasons for the increase.

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