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City of Melissa Aims to Provide Premier Customer Service Through Proven Technology

FATHOM Selected for CIS, MDM and AMI Bundled Solution for the City of Melissa, Texas - The City of Melissa has partnered with FATHOM Water Management, Inc. to  provide the City with their FATHOM Customer Information System (“CIS”) and Meter Data Management (“MDM”) Solutions as well as the procurement and installation of Advanced Metering Infrastructure (“AMI”). This bundled system includes utility billing and revenue management services, customer care services, and the FATHOM Utility-to-You ("U2You") customer portal.

This contract which was entered into February 2015 following solicitations for competitive proposals last fall, is in support of an overall initiative which was funded in the  FY 2014 and FY 2015 budgets to streamline and modernize the process of providing water and accurate billing for utilities

As a utility, FATHOM understands what utilities need and are continually looking to keep up and improve their delivery platform to meet the evolving needs of utilities.  FATHOM uses advanced AMI data analysis to drive utility billing in order to push data into the hands of customers – making them smarter consumers of water. 

FATHOM Press Release - June 8, 2015

Partners in Customer Service

In leveraging our partnership with FATHOM, the City will be able to provide an even higher level of customer service to our residents. Melissa stands to benefit from FATHOM’s industry specialization, infrastructure, turnkey service, and economies of scale. 
The 15-year contract supports the City’s over 2,700 customer accounts and offers the City an opportunity to provide high touch customer care with a superior level of automated services.

FATHOM will offer our customers several convenient options to conduct their desired business by leveraging their telephone call center, Interactive Voice Response system, Online Customer Portal, and Smartphone applications. Additionally FATHOM's customer care services offer the City the ability to provide a consistent level of customer service along with bilingual (English & Spanish) customer support and without having to expand dedicated Utility Billing staff as the City continues to grow.

Beginning on October 2, 2015 the City of Melissa will begin partnering with FATHOM to provide water, wastewater, and trash utility customer service and billing. 

Not sure what to expect in the transition to FATHOM? Customer letters to be mailed second week of September and more information will be posted here.

AMI Installation and Meter Replacement Project:

The project involves a significant upgrade to the city’s water infrastructure, one of the larger efforts included in the plan is replacing aging water meters with newer ones utilizing AMI technology which will help improve water conservation and provide the data required to better manage water usage. The water use data will be compiled and studied closely by FATHOM which will assemble the raw data into figures which will be used to show the city and residents their exact usage and offer tips on how to use the city’s water supply more efficiently while cutting back on over consumption of resources.

AMI technology provides automatic, accurate and consistent water meter reads without the need for manual meter reads and manual data entry.  This data then feeds into a customer information system that provides a platform through which residents can accurately track their water usage, pay their utility bill, etc.

City staff has been working diligently with FATHOM over the past few months laying the groundwork and preparing for the implementation of the new solution to begin this fall.  Within the next six months, Melissa residents will soon be able to track their own water usage on an hourly basis.  Beginning in mid-October, older meters that are currently manually read monthly will be replaced by new ones that will report water usage every hour.  

Both Residents and the City have wanted more than one data point per month so they could better monitor and manage customer  usage.  With this implementation, customers will be able to go online or use a mobile app to view their account, pay their bill instantly and make better informed decisions about water consumption, including the use of irrigation systems.

Assistant to the City Manager Erin Mynatt said, “As water conservation continues to be a critical issue in Texas, giving residents a way to track their hourly or daily usage helps them recognize the value of this resource. We hope to help residents see that water is a limited resource and careless consumption can impact the city’s sustainable future and their pocketbooks.”

The installation of new meters and retrofitting of those less than three years old will be done by FATHOM subcontractor HydoPro Solutions and is planned to begin in mid-October 2015 with all new meters and the accompanying Advanced Metering Infrastructure equipment expected to be in place mid-February, 2016.

Stay tuned for details on the Meter exchange and transition to FATHOM for utility billing customer service in the coming weeks!

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Updated: August 28, 2015

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