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The City of Melissa partnered with OnPointe Insights to conduct a citizen survey from October 11 to November 8, 2023. A total of 1651 surveys were completed with a plus or minus 2.4% margin of error. The online survey measured local issues such as quality of life, development/growth, safety and security, services provided by the City, and future priorities. Results of the citizen survey will be used over the next several years to evaluate future projects and shape the City’s annual budget.

City Highlights

Melissa citizens tend to agree that the city is heading in the right direction (74%), the highest right direction response we have seen across many cities. Many indicated the city has improved in the past 3 years (60%) also high compared to benchmarks.

A deeper analysis reveals that most residents love Melissa. However, they do have some frustrations. This survey will help city leaders prioritize wisely.

  • Based on comments, citizens love Melissa's schools, small-town feel, and neighborly and community feel. Most like the economic growth of the city and appreciate the safe, secure, and peacefulness of the city. Yet, citizens expressed concerns about peak traffic and the intermittent odors from the Regional Landfill and area feedlot. Citizens also expressed a desire for more quality, sit-down restaurants.
  • We asked citizens to prioritize dozens of topics. They then rated their high-priority topics. The following were prioritized highly AND rated lower (poor or very poor): Ensuring streets can support growth, minimizing property taxes, managing city growth and density, and a fitness/recreation center.
  • People evaluated the departments and services used in the past 6 months. Three rated highest include the Public Library, the Police Department, and the Parks Department.
  • Citizens evaluated the priority of a variety of potential new city investments. The two rated highest include a Recreation Center and Trail Expansion.
  • Regarding activities at community events, residents were most likely to want bands, music and live entertainment (66%) as well as food trucks and food booths (63%). Regarding communications, 77% wanted economic development news, and 76% wanted info about events and activities. In truth, 67% wanted a broad array of city news.
  • We asked residents if they had "anything more to say" to city leaders. The page titled: Overview: Anything more to say? Breaks comments into themes. Then, check out the pages titled Comment Summary, which will give you more texture about common comments. The four Comment Summary pages are an extension of this summary.

This study is a rich resource that Melissa can use for focus and clarity throughout the year.

The City is reviewing the survey results and will develop action plans to address various themes of areas of information and improvement and will be sharing those plans in the coming months.

View the results of the citizen survey

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