High Water Use

Don't Let Outdoor Watering Sneak Up On Your Bill

During summertime, temperatures soar and many homeowners expect to see their water use increase due to a greater need for outdoor watering. In reality, most homeowners over-water their yard, unintentionally wasting money every time they take out the hose or turn on the sprinklers. Landscape watering typically accounts for the majority of household water use during summer months. Higher water use increases water bills and increases the demand on our water supply.

How Much Landscape Watering Impacts Your Bill

For some customers following the conservation watering restrictions of no more than twice per week, can still result in an increase of more than 10,000 to 15,000 gallons on their monthly water bill for irrigation alone!

Sound crazy? You may be surprised...An automatic sprinkler system provides convenience, but people have a responsibility to operate their systems efficiently and effectively. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, if you set your sprinkler system to run automatically and it is not programmed properly, you could use up to 35% more water than your neighbors without a sprinkler system.

Irrigation Calculator

There are a number of good irrigation use calculators available, such as the Texas Alliance for Water Conservation irrigation calculator, where you can easily see this illustrated.

This calculator will be dependent on the number of zones in your system, how long you water each zone and how often and with that information, it will give you an estimate of monthly water usage due to irrigation alone.

Take Control with the Power of Data

To maintain maximum control of your water use, we recommend you operate your sprinkler system manually and take advantage of the WaterMyYard program and only water when local weather data tells you that you need to.

However, if you decide to run your sprinkler system on the automatic setting, take the time to check out some helpful tips to control your sprinkler to ensure you don't put an unnecessary strain on our water supply, or your wallet.

Contact Information

View the Utility Billing FAQ's for more information on how water usage is calculated. If after going through this information you still feel there is no reasonable explanation for your increased usage, feel free to email Utility Billing during normal business hours or call 972-838-2035 for further assistance.