1. Introduction

The Boards and Commissions, hereinafter referred to as the Board, are established by City Ordinance. Their purpose is to advise the City Council on matters concerning the City, or for performing specific duties as defined by the City Ordinance or City Council directive. The responsibilities and duties of each board are defined and outlined in the ordinance establishing the respective Board and the Boards and Commissions policies and procedures set forth in this document.

Each board member is appointed by the City Council and serves at the discretion of the Council. Board members have the responsibility to adhere to the Rules as spelled out in this Procedural Manual and are responsible to the City Council for their adherence. The City Council has the authority to modify and enforce these Rules of Procedure.

2. Board Appointments & Reappointments

It is a City Council Priority to make sure that there is diverse representation on all City Boards. To the extent possible, the City Council will try to provide opportunities for all interested citizens to serve either on a standing board or an appointed committee. Boards and Commissions vacancies will be advertised to the community through a variety of means to ensure that interested and qualified citizens apply. Incumbent board members must reapply upon the expiration of their term and be considered along with all applicants for that position.

3. Recruitment

When board or commission vacancies occur, the boards can identify people in the community who they feel would be an asset and request that they apply. The City Council will review the applicant through an interview process and collectively decide if they want to appoint the applicant to a position.

4. Member Selection

The City Council has the authorization to appoint, or not to appoint, any applicant to a position in the board and commissions. The City Council, from time to time, can set criteria to screen applicants. Anyone interested in serving on a board or commission must first fill out the City's application and questionnaire, and as soon as a position is open for the requested board, the City will coordinate interviews between the City Council and applicant. The City Council can utilize the information contained in the application, among other criteria, qualifications and/or information, in its evaluation for the position being sought.

5. Board Chair Person (Chair)

Each board will elect a Chair and other officers, if applicable, annually. The Chair may serve consecutive terms. The City Council encourages that a new Chair be elected periodically in order to provide leadership opportunities for all interested members. It is the responsibility of the Chair to conduct the meetings, provide leadership, and act as a liaison between their board and the City Council. Board member attendance at meetings is very important. The City Council will review member attendance annually at the time of reappointment. It is the responsibility of the Chair, working with their Staff Liaison, to resolve attendance issues as they might arise during the year.

6. Staff Liaison

A City staff member will attend each Board or Commission meeting, ensure that minutes are taken at the board meeting, serve as a resource to the board or commission, help coordinate activities and provide advice and information. The Chairperson shall work with the Staff Liaison on a monthly basis or, in the event the chair does not make contact, the Staff Liaison shall contact the chair in order to establish a meeting agenda and/or other items of committee importance. The Secretary of each Board or Commission shall immediately upon approval, forward the minutes in the approved format to the City Secretary.

7. Attendance Policy

To ensure that all appointed boards have sufficient members present to transact business, it is important that board members and alternates maintain a record of at least 75% attendance at the official meetings of the board to which they are appointed.

Board members are strongly encouraged to take an active role and participate in special events and programs sponsored by the board and the City. Attendance at these special events is important because of the volunteer commitment required to make these events a success.

A review of each board member's attendance will be conducted at the time of that member's reappointment. If at the time of reappointment, the attendance record of the member is below 75% for their last appointed term, the Chair and Staff Liaison will review the attendance policy and the attendance record with that member and provide a written report to the City Council. Upon review of the written report, the City Council may ask to meet with a member concerning the ability to continue to meet the attendance requirements. The outcome of the review of the report and/or the interview with the member will be considered in the reappointment process.

8. Quorum

A quorum at any Board meeting is established by the presence of at least half the designated positions by ordinance (not filled positions) excluding alternates. In the event that a quorum is not present at the posted meeting time or shortly thereafter, the meeting shall be canceled and rescheduled due to a lack of a quorum.

9. Alternate Board or Commission Member

Alternate board positions are very important to the functioning of their boards. The role of the Alternate is to fill in for an absent board member to assure that the board can conduct business with a quorum present. The Place 1 Alternate will be called on first in case there is an absence, and the Place 2 Alternate will be called on if there is more than one absence or if Place 1 Alternate is not available. It is important for Alternates to keep abreast of board business and be available when called upon to fill in for an absent member. Alternates may apply for a full board member position upon vacancy of a position and will be considered along with all applicants for a vacated board position.

10. Relationship to Staff

Appointed board members should deal with the City Staff only through the Staff member designated as the liaison for the board to which they were appointed. Instructions and requests directed to the Staff Liaison should be made by the board as a whole.

11. Conflict of Interest Provisions

Appointed board members should be aware of conflict of interest provisions of State Law and the need to avoid participating in decisions of the body to which they belong, if they are in a situation that presents a conflict. If the members find that a decision of the board of which they are a member will create a conflict of interest as defined by State Law, the member should not attempt to influence the decision and should not participate in official or unofficial discussion with other board members, City Staff members or others about the item. Such member may not participate in meetings, hearings, or vote on the item and should be absent from the meeting room during the deliberation of the item.

12. New Member Orientation & Reappointment Information

Newly appointed board members will be required to attend an orientation conducted by the Chair of the board and the Staff Liaison. The Staff Liaison will provide reappointed board members updated information regarding their duties, responsibilities and commitments.

13. Annual Meeting with the City Council

Within two months after the May City Council election, the Chair of each board may be asked to meet with the City Council to review annual activities and major issues. The board may also be asked to give a "State of the Board" presentation to the City Council and public at a regular City Council Meeting to inform the public on the board's activities and priorities. The City Secretary will coordinate these meetings.