Fire Department

Melissa Fire Department Logo (cropped)Our Mission

The Melissa Fire Department provides the highest level of life safety and property conservation through the extension of fire prevention, fire suppression, medical rescue, and public education services consistent with the prudent utilization of public funds while fostering economic growth through leadership, management, and appropriate actions.


The department responds to all fire, rescue, medical and other emergency events within the City of Melissa, as well as:

  • Ensures the fire codes and city ordinances are enforced through proper plan reviews and appropriate inspections
  • Promotes fire safety for the citizens of Melissa through interaction and programs to schools and community groups
  • Providing automatic and mutual aid to emergency events for our neighboring communities

It is our goal, desire, and duty to provide the most efficient and professional emergency services as possible by responding with highly trained firefighters and first responders with genuine compassionate care.

Texas Fire Chiefs - Best Practices RecognizedDepartment Recognition

The Melissa Fire Department has been awarded the "Recognized Best Practices Fire Department" from the Texas Fire Chiefs Association (TFCA) Best Practices Recognition Program.

Process of Recognition

To attain the designation, the department embarked on a process of examining compliance in areas such as the following based on the 117 best business practices for fire departments in the State of Texas:

  • Administration and Organization
  • Community Outreach
  • Emergency Medical Service
  • Fire Prevention
  • Professional Standards and Conduct
  • Risk Reduction
  • Safety and Health

These best practices were developed by Fire Service professionals to assist agencies in the efficient and effective delivery of service to communities. The Recognized designation verifies that the Melissa Fire Department is using the most current best practices in the profession. It also means, in a very clear way, that the department is meeting its professional obligations to the City's residents and businesses.