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Annual Chlorine Maintenance Comes to an End: NTMWD Assures Customers of Water Safety


Annual Chlorine Maintenance Comes to an End


The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has concluded its annual 28-day water system maintenance of its Wylie, Tawakoni, and Bonham water delivery systems. This maintenance is completed annually and intended to help optimize the quality of our drinking water and reduce the amount of hydrant flushing necessary during the warm weather months. Less hydrant flushing during the summer helps conserve water. This Maintenance which began on February 26 officially concluded on Monday, March 26, however City of Melissa Public Works Director Jeff Cartwright reminds everyone that although the maintenance is ending today, please note that it may take a day or two to fully pass through the system, especially since we are on the farther end of the system. Learn more about the 'Journey of Water' and how it gets to your tap from Lake Lavon via the NTMWD water treatment plant.

NTMWD Releases Additional Test Results & Provides Additional Resources to Address Customer Concerns

DYXGvFAVQAEEzggDuring the past month, some customers have reported a stronger taste or smell of chlorine and have expressed some concern. Please note that the amount of chlorine in the water during this period is consistent with normal year-round operations and the odor is more noticeable due to the lack of ammonia. “The temporary use of free chlorine is a proactive and preventive measure that is accepted by the TCEQ and the EPA to safeguard public health. It is a common, proven method to maintain water quality throughout a large system like ours,” said Tom Kula, Executive Director of NTMWD. “Contrary to what some are saying, we have the science and data that shows that our water is safe,” Kula added. This is a preventive measure, not a response to a problem with the water system and NTMWD has performed this maintenance as a routine practice since 2007. According to the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ), many utilities throughout the state and country, commonly in states with warmer climates that use chloramines for their distribution disinfectant, convert to free chlorine (temporarily removing ammonia) on a routine or as needed basis. Learn more about the Chlorine Maintenance Process.

NTMWD conducts almost 250-thousand water tests system-wide each year. The results of these analyses, including tests continued routine tests conducted during the maintenance period, and past experience have shown that, the levels of disinfection by-products remain well within regulatory standards. To further address concerns raised by customers however, additional samples were collected from the NTMWD distribution system last week and tested by an independent lab for disinfection by-products (trihalomethanes or THM). NTMWD released these additional 
water test results last week showing that levels of disinfection by-products measured during its annual temporary chlorine maintenance are well within regulatory standards.

In addition to the most recent test results on THM levels, NTMWD has posted online a letter from TCEQ and a note from a regional EPA administrator on the treatment and the water system maintenance processes. As noted in the TCEQ letter, “TCEQ’s records show that the system is in compliance with these regulations and also meets the TCEQ’s requirements for disinfection residuals.” NTMWD also worked with its cities to develop and post online answers to Frequently Asked Questions based on listening to public comments around the region. This information about NTMWD water quality, including test results and recent briefings, can be found online at: https://www.ntmwd.com/ntmwd-water-safe-drink-use/.

2016 COM Water Quality Reports_SquareFor our customers here in the City of Melissa, you can find the most recent Consumer Confidence Reports (2016) for both the City of Melissa and Country Ridge water systems online. Note the CCR for 2017 will be available and posted online by the end of June 2018 in accordance with EPA reporting requirements.

Should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Jeff Cartwright, City of Melissa Public Works Director via email at jcartwright@cityofmelissa.com or by phone at (469) 853-9788.


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