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As Cooler Weather Begins, NTMWD Encourages Consumers to Prepare Lawns and Landscapes for Annual “Hibernation” 

Jan,20Fall brings cooler temperatures, a time when lawns and landscapes begin transition into dormancy. The North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) and City of Melissa encourages consumers to prepare their lawns and landscapes for annual “hibernation.” During this dormant period, lawns will turn brown, and select varieties of landscape plants will lose their leaves.

Several key measures can be taken to maintain lawns and landscaping during this time of year and preserve our precious water resources:

  • Only water lawns when needed
  • Apply 2 inches – 4 inches of mulch in the landscape beds
Beginning November 1 and lasting until March 31, NTMWD recommends the following strategies to keep lawns and landscapes healthy while also conserving water.
  • Turn off automatic sprinkler. Now is the time to stop watering lawns and landscape beds. Plants become dormant during the colder weather months, so it is a good time to set sprinkler controllers to the "off" position. Turning sprinkler systems off, operating on manual mode and only watering when necessary will prevent potential water run-off that can freeze on streets and sidewalks during severe weather conditions.

  • Use weather-based irrigation tools such as WaterMyYard.org. These irrigation tools use data from local weather stations to provide recommendations for any necessary supplemental irrigation.

  • Cover soil. Get soil ready for the next year’s plantings and winterize the landscape. Cover these areas with nutrient-rich mulch and or compost to provide a warmth layer and maintain soil moisture.

Not sure how much water your yard needs?

A HEALTHY LANDSCAPE ACTUALLY REQUIRES LESS WATER THAN YOU MAY THINK.  The "Water My Yard" program, developed by NTMWD’s WaterIQ program in partnership with the Irrigation Technology Program of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension has been established as a tool to assist you in determining an adequate amount of supplemental water that is needed to maintain healthy grass.  Now the City of Melissa has a LOCAL weather station that is part of this network and offers our residents the most LOCAL and relevant data to help determine WHEN and HOW MUCH you need to water.

Learn more by visiting www.watermyyard.org and it only takes a few short steps to begin receiving a weekly email to know how much water your landscape actually requires based on local weather conditions - effective rainfall, solar radiation, relative humidity and wind.

Interested in tracking the water level of Lake Lavon?  Visit the Water Data for Texas website for daily updates on the elevation and conservation pool level.

Additional information and links to other great resources on how you and your family can do YOUR part to conserve water and at the same time save on your water bill can be found below:



EPA WaterSense

Pictures provided courteous of NTMWD

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