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Book Review Sites and Ideas

Non-commercial Websites:

From the website - It is the goal of the collective energy behind BookReview.com to expose the general public to reviews of books that may, at times, be overlooked due to lack of marketing, odd subjects, unknown authors or saturation of the market. We pledge to offer unbiased, book reviews from a variety of publishers on a multitude of subjects and genres.

From the web site - At TheLiterateMother.org, our goal is to provide reliable content ratings for youth and young adult literature. We feel it is important for parents, teachers, librarians and concerned adults to be informed about the subject matter children encounter in books. Every book posted on our site is personally read and objectively rated in four categories: language, violence, sexual content and adult themes. This information helps parents and concerned adults suggest or discourage certain books, discuss sensitive material or simply strike up a conversation with a child about the book he or she is reading.Whether you have a sensitive child who you want to steer away from certain topics, a voracious reader you would like to guide toward more appropriate books, or just want to be informed on the subject matter to which your young reader is exposed, we hope you will find help at TheLiterateMother.org. 

Those above are privately created, apparently non-commercial websites.  The Melissa Public Library does not support individual opinions, but provides this site as a reference to patrons desiring some non-commercial review of materials.  Many more websites can be available by searching for “book reviews”.

Commercial Websites:

The following are commercial book reviews and lists.  The Melissa Public Library again does not support individual opinions, but provides this site as a reference to patrons desiring some commercial reviews and lists of materials.  Many more websites can be available by searching for “book reviews”. 

From the website – What we have attempted to accomplish here is to collect book reviews from major online media sites that are available without having to register at a site or pay to read them. We're not interested in just a short blurb or small section of someone else's review. We try to find full-length reviews of books that help the reader gather the information they seek to determine if the book is worth their time. We prefer reviews that deal with each book at length, but sometimes settle for smaller reviews when lengthier ones are unavailable. For each book listed here, we try to find at least three reviews on different web sites. This way you can read as many of them as you'd like before deciding on a book. We also write our own book reviews. An Editor's Pick logo is also applied to any book we've read and enjoyed.

Professional library sites

from the American Library Association
see also the many, many divisions of library services under ALA

Young Adult Library Services Association, A division of the American Library Association 

This great Texas site lists Texas ‘best’ list recommendations for children to adults.


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