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City of Melissa Budget Story 2013-14

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Budget Strory Cover ImageWelcome to our Budget Story of Melissa, Texas. We hope you find the following information to be just a taste of what Melissa is and the stories of how we serve the City every day.

This publication is an effort to focus the message on what we do as a City in a way that condenses what we produce through the budget document.

Traditionally, the budget document serves the following purposes:
  • To serve as a Policy Guide, as promulgated by the City Council.
  • To serve as an Operating Guide for management staff to aid in the control of financial resources, while complying with State requirements for cities and generally accepted accounting principles for government.
  • To present the City’s Financial Plan for the fiscal year, illustrating appropriations and projected revenues by which the appropriations are funded.
  • To serve as a Communication Document for the citizens of Melissa who wish to understand how the City operates and the methods used to finance those operations.
We realize that few have the time or inclination to sift through pages of numbers, performance measures,  department goals, etc. to get an answer to a question that may or may not be there. This publication is our first attempt to connect with the community by showing Melissa what we do with the resources placed under our responsibility. As this document evolves, we will do more to explain the City’s operational processes and progress on major initiatives, along with sharing direct community feedback. Both the processes and feedback become major influences on the annual spending plan reflected in the budget document.  The goal for this document is to focus on the services we provide to the community.

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