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How do I obtain a building permit?

Submit three (3) sets of plans for review; additional site plans may be required.

 1. Site plan (plot plan) - including but not limited to the proposed improvement(s) noting building separation and setbacks, existing structures, driveways, adjacent public roadways and north point

 2. Floor plan  

 3. Roof plan  

 4. Exterior elevations  

 5. Construction details 

 6. Structural plans (must include second floor framing plan when applicable) 

 7. Foundation plan (must be sealed by a State of Texas Licensed Engineer) 

 8. Engineering letter for foundation design is required. This letter should include a 
     statement that the foundation has been designed specifically for soil conditions
     of listed lot. (must be sealed by a State of Texas Licensed Engineer). 

 9. Masonry on Wood (must be sealed by a State of Texas Licensed Engineer of built
     to COG detail) 

10. Electrical plan (may be combined with floor plan) 

11. Plumbing plan (may be combined with floor plan)

12. Berry Farms and Country Ridge need drainage studies submitted in addition
     to building plans.  

13. Some neighborhood associations require a stamp of approval on plans. Please
     check with your association before submitting building plans.  

Note: Foundation plan, details and engineer's letter shall include: Address; Subdivision; Lot; Block; and Plan number.

A Form Survey sealed by a State of Texas Licensed Surveyor will be required to be on site for the Plumbing Rough Inspection.

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