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Meter Exchange - Planned Schedule & Details

COM FATHOM Project Door HangerThe City’s contractor, FATHOM, has began replacing/retrofitting the existing water meters throughout the City.  Each customer's current water meter will either be replaced with a new meter or retrofitted to work with the Aclara Star Network AMI System (those installed after July 2012).
  • FATHOM crews will be working in the identified areas from 7AM to 7PM, Monday through Saturday (weather permitting as no meters may be exchanged in heavy rain due to health concerns).
  • Field technicians will be wearing bright orange shirts that say "FATHOM" and have City issued ID Badges on them.  Their vehicles will have signs that state "FATHOM Subcontractor for City of Melissa".  They should not need access to your backyard unless your meter is located there and in that event you will be notified if access is needed.
  • As stated in the letter mailed to all water customers in early October, door hangers (see image at right) will be placed at your residence, this will take place generally one to two days prior to the meter exchange whenever possible.  The door hangers will include contact information and related instructions but should you have questions regarding the exchange or need to reschedule once you receive a door hanger, please call (469) 271-9105 or email meter.exchange@gwfathom.com.
  • For those that are signed up for CodeRED, you will also receive a CodeRED notification at the beginning of the week (generally Sunday afternoon) that your meter is planned for exchange.
  • A typical water meter exchange takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Exceptions to this process may require more time or additional work, however they will work diligently to ensure your inconvenience is minimized.
  • For those meters being exchanged, a picture will be taken of the old meter to capture the final meter read to be used for billing. Depending on when the exchange takes place, your next bill will be made up of the final reading obtained at time of exchange plus any new usage metered on the new meter as of the next meter reading cycle when the read is obtained automatically by the system.  
  • With over 2,700 meters to be replaced and/or retrofitted to work with the new AMI system and a planned exchange rate of approximately 300-400 meters per week, the project is anticipated to last through mid-February 2016, however please note that weather and other unforeseen complications may affect the overall schedule. 

The general order of locations by meter read route and planned dates for the meter exchange are listed in the table below. 
All dates provided below are tentative and will be updated as project progresses. A map for each meter route area will be added here the week before the exchange is scheduled.  City staff will continue to provide weekly updates regarding the schedule via social media and The Melissa Minute as routes are completed.

 Location (Meter Route #)  Exchange Date(s)

 Liberty I (8) - Map (Week 1)    Map (Week 2)

 October 19 - 31
 Liberty II (13) - Map (Week 3)
 October 30 - November 5
 Trails of Melissa (10) - Map (Week 3)
 November 5 - 7
 Hunters Ridge I (6) - Map (Week 4) UPDATED 11.8.15  November 7 & 9
 Hunters Creek (11) - Map (Week 4)  November 10 - 13
 Hunters Ridge II (7) - Map (Week 5) UPDATED 11.11.15
 November 16 - 19
 North Creek I (9) - Map (Week 6 & 7)   November 20 - 24
 North Creek II (14) - Map (Week 7)   November 30
 Villages of Melissa I (12) - Map (Week 8 & 9)
 December 1 - 11
 Country Ridge (4) - Map (Week 10)  Map (Week 10 - UPDATED 12.18.15)  Map (Week 11 - UPDATED 1.4.16)  December 16 - 23; January 4 - 11
 Villages of Melissa II (15) Map Week 11 - Retrofits
 January 11
 Old Town (1) Map Week 12
 January 13 - 16
 Old Town (2) Map Week 13  January 18 - 23
 Magnolia Ridge (16)  All retrofits - as time allows
 Old Town (3) Map Week 14
 January 25 - 30
 Berry Farms (5) Map Week 14
 January 28 -   February 6

FATHOM has completed the meter exchanges as of February 5, 2016.  Since October, we have exchanged/retrofitted over 2,700 meters citywide - thank you to everyone for your cooperation during this process! With this completion the installers have left town and our Public Works staff will now be responsible for any new installations and will be finalizing the exchange of a select amount of meters throughout the City.  Our staff will now move into the next phase of our AMI implementation to prepare the customer portal that will allow YOU access for managing your own usage - stay tuned in the coming weeks for more!

Last Updated: 2/5/16
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