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AMI & Meter Exchange FAQ

Beginning October 19, 2015, the City’s contractor, FATHOM, will begin replacing/retrofitting the existing water meters throughout the City. As part of this process, your current water meter will either be replaced with a new meter or retrofitted to work with the Aclara Star Network AMI System. This change is a result of the City’s initiatives to update aging equipment, improve water conservation and provide the data required for every resident to truly manage their individual water usage.


Why are the meters being replaced? Aging metering infrastructure is being replaced in order to ensure compatibility with the City’s new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system.

What are the benefits of an automated meter reading system?Benefits include advanced data recording of all water consumption on an hourly basis, historical consumption data for residents, and leak detection capabilities. More data will allow customers to truly manage their water usage.

Are all meters being replaced? No – not all water meters are being replaced; rather any meter installed prior to July 2012 will be replaced. Any meter installed after July 2012 will be retrofitted with the AMI components to work with the Aclara Star Network AMI System. 

Note: The cutoff date of July 2012 was selected as that date was when the older raised glass model meters were no longer available and the City moved to the newer model of Master Meter Multi-Jet meter; the decision was made by Engineering and Public Works to standardize the meters as part of the AMI Implementation.

Will my bill increase?  Maybe - generally new meters will be more accurate than the current aging meters so there is a possibility that your bill will be higher if your old meter was not reading properly. Note: No increase in water or wastewater rates were included as part of the FY16 budget.

Will they need to enter my backyard?The technicians will only need to enter your backyard if that is where your meter box is located.
COM FATHOM Project Door Hanger
How long will my water be turned off?
  A typical water meter exchange takes about 1 hour. Exceptions to this process may require more time or additional work. However we will work diligently to ensure your inconvenience is minimized.

Will I be notified of when work will be scheduled? 
Yes - Door hangers (pictured at right) will be left at each property two days prior to the scheduled service.

For those that are signed up for CodeRED, you will also receive a CodeRED notification at the beginning of the week that your meter is planned for exchange.  Note: We had originally stated that this notification would be sent out the day before, however due to some logistical challenges we have since had to change to the week of the exchange.

How do the remote meters work?  Each water meter will communicate the read data to solar-powered data collection units strategically located throughout the city.

Will there be an antenna sticking out of my meter box?  No - all components will be underneath the lid.

Will they have to dig in my yard?  Not typically, however in some cases hand-digging may be required. If digging is required, repairs will be made to restore the original conditions.

How accurate are the new meters?  The new meters are accurate to 0.1 gallons per minute. Note: the AWWA allows for a 1.5% variance for accuracy.

Who can I call if I have questions?  Representatives are available Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM at 1-855-266-4941 or the number printed on the door hanger 469-271-9105. 

Customer letter mailed week of October 1, 2015

If you have a question not addressed here, please email ub@cityofmelissa.com and we will be glad to help!

Updated: 10/16/15

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